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About Us

Iran Trippers is mainly consist of a highly-motivated and close-knit team of committed people who have a wealth of experience and in-depth academic knowledge in different areas of expertise including geography, archeology, history, natural science, business. Their whole life is about an unspoken passion to promote tourism in their glorious attractive home country, Iran.

We provide you with:

Insight you need to deeply experience the trip We, at Iran Trippers, not only help you unleash the traveling potential by providing you with the insight and suitable means needed to experience the trips you desire, but also we bridge universities, students, researchers, and enthusiasts in different areas to share their ideas and thoughts and get aware of accurate, candid, scientific, and reliable information and pave their path to Iran to make their experience more tangible.

Easy visa process

We will arrange your visa to Iran. We use the new 2014 simple visa process based on new agreements and modifications by the Iranian government. For more information look at Visa

Online reservation

Having partners out of Iran provides online booking service for all your reservation requests .Our goal is to make your business travel cashless, stress free and convenient plus saving you time and money.

Luxury accommodations & best meals

Our tours are well-designed and tailored by experts to maximize your comfort and fun. We continuously monitor our hotels very carefully to ensure that they continue to meet our standards of service and comfort. The best restaurants offering the finest Iranian & international cuisine are selected.

Health insurance

Your health is high on our priority list. The cost of your package tour includes our perfect health insurance package covered by the local insurance company in Iran. We also introduce you to the reputable Insurance Companies out of Iran depending on your residence country which will insure your trip to Iran.

Experienced tour guide

We considerately choose well-trained guides who know their destinations intimately, and are skilled at managing the logistics of your tour so that you can travel with nothing on your mind but how to enjoy more and grasp every second of excitement.

Extra evening programs

The tours are full day programs which will cover your whole day. You will visit uniquely chosen sites depending on your specific choice of our tours during the day and we include evening programs such as a lectures, art exhibits, wonderful performances such as music and dance shows, cooking, and handicraft workshops at no extra charge.

Since you are always at the helm, you can mix and match your own tour by simply combining cities & attractions for a custom-made vacation created to meet your special standards and desires. Let us be your gateway to Iran “land of diversities”. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to immediately.