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Mesmerising Persian Art for Art Buffs

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Iran is the home to such glamorous Art and Architecture which certainly quench the thirst of any Art lover. Whether you are an Art & History Buff, a curious university student, an architecture enthusiast, or a cultural oriented person this tour will give you a unique experience and wonderful memories which will rock your world.
There are different Art types and eras such as Ancient civilization, Persian Empire, Islamic Architecture, and innovative contemporary art of which there are certain uniqueness to make you gaze and learn in wonder. Review and experience the timeline of Iran’s history in 9 days. You will be impressed by remarkable artifacts and architectural treasures. Take a great delight in antiquity of Art in Persian Art & History tour guided by a knowledgeable tour guide & share your knowledge with expert lecturers.

Trip Plan At Glance

Day 1: arrive in Shiraz, welcome dinner
Day 2: Touring in Shiraz
Day 3: an excursion to historical towns nearby
Day 4: Drive to Yazd, en route visit Persepolis
Day 5: Full day city tour in Yazd, Travel to Esfahan in the evening
Day 6: Walk tour in Naghshe Jahan Square complex, Art workshop
Day 7: drive to Kashan early morning, overnight in Abyane village
Day 8: Pay visit to Museums and Golestan Palace in Tehran
Day9: Fly back Home

Trip Plan In Detail

Day 1-3: Shiraz

The tour starts in Shiraz, the city of poets, wonderful gardens, tranquil pavilions, and most importantly the spiritual hub of Persian Empire. Learn about Persepolis constructed on an immense half-artificial, half-natural terrace, where the king of kings created an impressive palace complex inspired by Mesopotamian models. Gather for a welcoming dinner to get to know each other and socialize with hospitable and delightful people of Shiraz.
Learn about the root of the domes in the ruined Sassanid palace located in the ancient city of Gur, a city with circular plan which is believed to be the largest circle on earth and compare it to Bishapour another small town with the same age but a different hypodermic urban Plan. Take a walk in the 18th century Zand complex where you will see the typical Islamic city and its major elements including citadel, mosque, bath, and bazaar. The beautiful Qajar mansions are the last places to visit on our Shiraz tour. 

Day 4: Yazd

After Shiraz, we will drive to Yazd, a desert city, where Marco Polo visited on his way to china and called it the “good and noble city of Yazd”. Walk through the winding alley and see the architecture of Yazd which is perhaps the most traditionally Persian ever to be found, preserved under hot , dry climate. Remarkable wind catchers are seen on top of almost all houses throughout the entire city as a chiller and the underground hand-dug tunnels created to supply water for human settlements and irrigation in hot and arid places. This technology was first constructed in the 1st millennium B.C by the Persian.
You will be fascinated by dazzling stars in sky of the desert. Different activities are considered to make your desert tour one of a kind.

Day 5-6: Esfahan

Moment of glory glanced over this city in the 17th century when the town was reconstructed by the Safavid king, Shah Abbas the great, who chose Esfahan as the capital of its empire. He made such a heaven out of Esfahan that after so many years, still, people today marvel at its magnificence. Its thriving Islamic architecture is displayed in the imposing bridges, the shaking Minaret, the vast Imam square surrounded by two mosques and the amazing Ali Qapu palace, and the endless bazaar where we have planned to visit the craftsmen and have a short talk. Esfahan is called the city of turquoise dome where you will be captivated by its colorful detailed tile work.

Day 7: Kashan

There is a 2-hour ride to Kashan where the best examples of Persian Mansions from the 19th century are delicately constructed. We will pay a visit to one of the oldest and most wonderful extant Persian gardens, the Fin Garden. This garden not only contains numerous cypress trees and combines architectural features of the Safavid, Zandiyeh, and Qajar periods but also lots of historical events and stories lies in its heart. After spending a day visiting the city we will proceed to a tranquil and lovely village in the vicinity, Abyane village, to stay overnight. It is characterized by a peculiar reddish hue; the village is one of the oldest in Iran, attracting numerous native and foreign tourists year-round, especially during traditional feasts and ceremonies. You will have great a time dressing up like locals and stroll in the village. You can take memorable pictures to capture the essence of your joyous moments.

Day 8: Tehran

Iran’s capital, a bustling town at the foothills of the Alborz Mountains, Tehran, combines traditional and modern architecture .You will enjoy this metropolitan city with its numerous museums, including the superb Archaeological Museum, Glass & Calligraphy Museum, Contemporary Art Museum, plus the State Jewels of Iran which holds one of the most fabulous collections of treasures in the world. Besides you will have a chance to meet the young artists and get to know their initiative Modern Art.

Day 9: Fly back home

You will be transferred to Imam International Airport to departure to your country knowing you have had a different and spectacular time, wishing you a safe flight.

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Tour Details

Trip Length: 9 days

Price: from 1150USD per person (group of 5).

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Trip extentions

  • Margoon Waterfall for Nature lovers
  • Meybod presenting wonderful sites near Yazd
  • Niasar underground city
  • Dizin Ski Resort in winter
  • North of Iran, Rudkhan Castle

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