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Great Monuments of Sassanid era Discovered in Ilam Prov

The salvage exploration in Kaafari mountain pass in Ilam Province has led to the discovery of a historic monuments dating back to the Sassanid era, the Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) reported. The monuments were discovered with arched roofs, niche, base of the remained columns with plaster decorations, decorative bricks, clays and colorful glass pieces. RICHT Public Relations Office quoted Head of the exploration team in Kaafari mountain pass Lili Nikan as saying that the result of the explorations in previous seasons in the geographical area of the mountain pass in Ilam  Province and in Champaei Cemetery showed that the date of the settlement in Kaafari mountain pass goes back to the third millennium BC. She added that the dateline of the area with regard to the type of graves and the findings obtained revealed a cemetery in the period of Middle Bronze up to early Iron Age similar to which has not yet been reported in that cultural area.