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Mount Pardis said to be Nearest Point on Earth to Sun

The enigmatic Mount Pardis, said to be the nearest point on the earth to the sun, is situated neighboring the Persian Gulf in southern Iran. The mount, adjacent to the equator, is also known as Pooz (snout) as it resembles a peculiar snout shape. Meanwhile, it is sometimes called Jam as it has been named after the county where it is located in Bushehr Province. There are also some accounts saying the mount has a high power of magnetic attrac- tion. Locals believe that passing cars are slightly pulled from a 100 meters distance. A couple of years ago, Badi’e Dashti, a UK- based Iranian researcher and archaeologist claimed that the mount is the nearest point on earth to the sun. The herbs growing there is said to have vari- ous medical benefits. In addition, there grow exceptional dates being used for making diabetes pills and sugars. Mount Pardis can be spotted while passing along the road that connects Bandar-Kan- gan to Firozabad.