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Unique Structure of Water Conductivity in Sepahbod Khorshid Cave

The intricate structure of waterway network in Sepahbod Khorshid Cave is the unique defensive architecture belonging to the Sassanid era on high mountains which overlooks a stronghold through hidden channels and water storage in the unique water reservoirs, Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) reported. The RICHT Public Relations Office quoted Head of the Archeological Studies of the Cave, situated in Saved Kouh in Mazandaran, Saman Towfiq, as saying the structure is the pinnacle of art and genius of the Iranian architects who have turned a natural arch into a full-fledged stronghold. Towfiq further remarked that the stronghold was the most specific stronghold in terms of form, dimensions, and historical age and was the most important military stronghold throughout the entire history of Iran, the last shelter and the hidden symbol of Iranian resistance under the command ship of Tabarestan commanders against the Arabs and the remotest corner of Iran which deceitfully collapsed after two centuries of the fall of Nahavand and the central government. According to the archaeologist, the spatial strategic position of the stronghold, its strength and specific architectural structure made it an unattainable refuge for Tabarestan commanders. Describing the structure of the cave, Towfiq referred to its outer structure, the royal seat, the middle part and the arg (citadel) and said in this establishment maximum advantage has been taken from the minimum possibilities. He further remarked that the cave is of calcareous limestone and the remaining structure of the citadel within the cave and its plasterworks and decorations are indicative of royal architecture that could be seen in the palaces remaining from the pre-Islamic era such as Takht-e Suleiman complex. However, Towfiq noted that by taking a look at the physical conditions and the landscape of Espahbod Khorshid Cave-Citadel, it becomes clear that the largest natural arch of the world is an amazing location which has left behind many events but has unfortunately become the victim of profiteers such as the mine workers. The Spahbod Khorshid Cave is located on the way to north of Iran from Tehran, in Doab region of Savad Kouh city in Mazandaran Province. The cave is considered to be the largest natural ancient stone arch