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Local Museum Seeks to Revive EthnicTreasures in Northern Iran

A local private anthropology museum seeks to revive nomadic traditions which are gradually vanishing in Talesh region, northern Iran. Located in the greenish Soubatan village, the small museum displays a patchwork of about 200 home, outdoor living accessories and tools that date back to 50-150 years ago. “When I decided to establish this anthropology collection, I constructed a wooden structure similar to its predecessors in the region,” ISNA quoted Bahman Jalili, the manager, as saying on Friday. The museum has gradually evolved since it opened doors to the public in 2014 and it is free of charge for visitors. “In a will to my family, I have illuminated that the museum should not be sold or changed after my death,” he highlighted. Jalili plans to add native objects that go down deeper in time while constructing an anti-earthquake building equipped with sophisticated anti-theft systems. Soubatan is being turned into a tourist destination with about 7,000 travelers visit the village each year.
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